Road Improvements In Mid Missouri

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OSAGE COUNTY - Drivers were excited on Thursday about a new construction contract that will mean improvements along Highway 63 and Highway 50.  Construction along the two lane Highway 63 in Osage County includes resurfacing and expanding the shoulders by four feet.  But it does not include expanding the number of lanes.  It will also expand rumble stripes in the center and on the shoulder.

Project manager Trent Brooks said construction will begin in the spring of next year. Traffic will slow down with construction, but Brooks said traffic will still move effectively.

Charles Jackson drives on Highway 63 and said he likes the idea of the center rumble stripes.  "I think this addition would prevent head on collisions," he said.  Jackson said he prefered to see construction happen during the winter because there is less traffic.  

Another driver, Neil Reed also said he agrees with the improvements.  "With the amount of commuter traffic, this road needs to be updated," he said.  However, Reed said there are other roads that need to be looked at first.