Road Projects Begin Monday at Fairview and Rollins Roads

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COLUMBIA - Intersection and sidewalk improvements will begin on Monday at Fairview and Rollins Roads. Columbia Public Works said the project will include the construction of a small roundabout, plus sidewalk improvements on the north and south sides of the intersection. It said the goal of the project is to improve traffic flow, reduce crashes, and improve pedestrian safety and improve walkable routes to the nearby school. The work is scheduled to begin at 7 a.m. and the intersection will remain open with some lane restrictions and delays.

Rollins Road will be closed during two phases of the project. Starting July 8 through 19 Rollins Road east of Fairview Road will be closed, and July 22 through August 2 Rollins Road west of Fairview Road will be closed.

Some local residents that drive through that intersection think the roundabout is a good idea.

"It gets really backed up, especially during rush hour so hopefully a couple weeks of inconvenience will make it a lot more efficient," Rob Noce said.

Columbia Public Works said motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians should use caution in the construction area. The department thanks the motorists and pedestrians for their patience while the improvements are being done to benefit the community.

"People use [the sidewalks] all the time for jogging and biking and they look pretty old," Noce said.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $500,000. The funding is coming from the Capital Improvement Sales Tax. The completion date for the project is August 13 as long as weather is permitting.

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