Rob Sanders To File Judicial Review of Citys Dissenting Opinion

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COLUMBIA - Columbia city manager Mike Matthes said Thursday former police officer Rob Sanders will not get his job back in the department. Police Chief Ken Burton fired Sanders in August, 2011 for pushing inmate Kenneth Baker in a holding cell.

After his firing, Sanders filed to get his job back. He was charged with third-degree assault in August, 2012, which delayed his chances of getting his job back. In October, Sanders was acquitted on the charges. The city's personnel advisory board took Sanders' case up in November.

"They heard testimony from every person that had anything to do with the investigation to every person to that was at the scene, to ever member of command staff," Sanders said. "Everyone said I did exactly what I was supposed to do, when I was supposed to do it, per policy and procedure."

Matthes had 30 days to decide the fate if Sanders would be reinstated. Matthes sent a statement, Thursday saying, "After careful consideration of the testimony and evidence submitted during Mr. Sanders's appeal hearing, I will not reinstate Mr. Sanders."

Sanders said Thursday it's not the end of the battle. He said he will submit the case for a judicial review of the city's dissenting opinion, meaning he will fight the city's decision in court.