Rob Sanders Under More Scrutiny

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COLUMBIA - Officer Jill Wieneke told KOMU 8 today that there are two more ongoing investigations regarding former officer, Rob Sanders. The department terminated Sanders in September, for use of excessive force in a separate incident.

Internal Affairs is investigating another use of excessive force on July 17, 2011. Sanders reportedly pushed a 17 year old male, Dominick Roland, to the floor, dragged him by his shirt, and put him in handcuffs.  Sanders then allegedly chained Roland to a metal ring on the concrete floor of the cell with a second pair of handcuffs.  Wieneke said Roland was arrested for first degree robbery.

The second Internal Affairs Investigation centers around a video made by Citizens for Justice, in which Sanders pulls over the group's founder, Matthew Akins. In the video, Sanders tells Akins he doesn't need probably cause to pull over a motorist.

Rob Sanders' wife, Amy, told KOMU she is frustrated with the Internal Affairs investigation, because Sanders has already been terminated. Amy Sanders said she doesn't see the purpose in the investigations, and is not concerned about the outcomes.

Wieneke said because Sanders has appealed the case to personnel, the Department is continuing investigations to prepare for the case that Sanders would be reinstated.