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MARSHALL - After a home robbery nearly three weeks ago, one Marshall resident is still dealing with the loss of some very special items.

Former Mizzou football player, Kurtis Gregory, came home to his front door cracked open. The television was still mounted on the wall, so a break-in did not cross his mind. But as soon as he walked toward the door, seeing broken wood around it, and his play station gone, he realized there was a problem.

"My first reaction was like ‘What the heck is going on, is someone messing with me?'" said Gregory.

Some big items, such as a play station and gun were stolen from the house. However, more meaningful items were taken away from Gregory that day, such as his football bowl rings, watches, and his fiancé's wedding band.

"Play Station, don't care about. Revolver, don't care about. I just want the football stuff back and the rings, especially the wedding band because I'm getting married in December so it'd just be really nice to get that back because we picked it out together," said Gregory.

Saline County Sheriff Wally George said, "The thing with these burglaries is that they are usually people who are heavy drug users and they look for anything they can to pawn. Not looking to keep it, but just thinking ‘I can sell that pretty dang fast and that's usually the reason those burglaries occur here.'''

There have been three to four robberies around Gregory's property. "Because of this, I think we are looking at the same people for Kurtis and that's the leads we are following up on now," said George.

George warns people to keep doors locked, report suspicious activity, and call police right away if someone breaks in.