Robberies and Home Invasions Pattern Developing

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COLUMBIA - A home on Madison Street was robbed early Monday morning. Columbia Police answered the armed robbery call on the 1100  block around 1:00 a.m. The victims were not injured but were struck in the head with guns and robbed at gun point.

Public Information Officer Latisha Stroer said there have been eight break-in robberies in a two-week time period in August. Stroer said the new pattern seems to match what the city saw in the summer.

"About 90 percent of the home invasions in Columbia are drug-related. Right now we can't say this is drug-related but 90 percent of the time they typically are."

Columbia Police cannot make a connection between the invasions in August and and the robbery Monday morning due to lack of suspect information. There is no common type of victim between the crimes.

Landlord Stephen Brookins owns several properties in the Madison Street area and said the invasions do not surprise him. He blames the crimes on a lack of police presence.

"There's been fights, there's been mini riots, I've seen that, I have seen several break-ins, people using houses has drug drops that I've reported to the police that I have never really gotten a follow-up on."

Columbia Police encourage residents to keep an eye out for a lot of traffic happening in one particular house as a clue of a potential place that may be subject to a home invasion.