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COLUMBIA - Law enforcement officials are still looking for the person or people responsible for a recent rash of robberies in Columbia and Boone County.  A string of nine robberies, eight in Columbia and one in Boone County, occurred between September 17th and September 24th.

On September 17th, Casey's General Store off Rangeline Street was robbed. On September 21st, a Breaktime gas station off of Nebraska Avenue was robbed in the early morning. Two robberies occurred on September 22nd--one at a Breaktime off Paris Road, and the other at Ballenger Liquors off Ballenger Lane. Bocomo Bay was robbed twice during the streak; once on September 23rd and again the next day. Church's Chicken was robbed on September 24th, merely 20 minutes after Bocomo Bay. Also on September 24th, Midway Little General Store off Highway 40 and Domino's Pizza off of Towne Drive were robbed less than a half hour apart.

Police are tracing the robberies to one suspect. A Domino's employee said the suspect ran across their parking lot and tried to enter through an employee entrance, which required a code. When the door would not open, he entered through the customer entrance and demanded money out of the register. Domino's only keeps $75 in their register, in case of situations like this. Church's Chicken was taken for $130. Police do know the amount taken from each location, but those numbers are not being released.