Rocheport Community Discusses Possible Cell Tower Project

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ROCHEPORT - The Rocheport Planning and Zoning Commission voted 4 to 1 Wednesday to recommend to city council their approval of the proposed 180 foot cell tower. The majority of residents in attendance had positive feedback about the proposal.

The project consists of a 180 foot cell tower with a minimum life expectancy of 50 years. The project would cost half a million dollars. While Wireless Asset Group would own the tower, AT&T would lease it from them. It would give improved cell-phone service to Rocheport, as well as improved Internet and television signals.

A resident explained his wife's situation as an on-call nurse and how the cell tower would ensure no more missed emergency calls due to bad cell reception. This is an problem resident Monty Conrow said is a major issue.

Planning and Zoning Commission member Debra Nelson Luraas opposed the project because Rocheport is historical.

"My concern is that if a cell tower is sited in Rocheport that the town of Rocheport will lose our status with the national historic register of places," Luraas said.