Rocheport Mayor Says Flood Won't Affect Town

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ROCHEPORT - The Missouri River officially reached flood stage Monday morning in Rocheport, rising to more than 23.5 feet. While the high level does have some on edge, the water would need to rise about 11 feet more before the Katy Trail or lower areas of Rocheport would be underwater.

Mid-Missouri received a little more than two inches of rain Sunday and Monday. It was predicted the river would crest Sunday however the crest predictions have moved to Thursday or Friday of this week.

"Predictions are predictions--it's a best guess," said John Zondca, mayor of Rocheport. "We do know the water levels are going to be high all summer, but our part floods five to six times a year on normal rainfall so it is not unusual for us to see some water down there."

On Friday, a Jersey Barrier was installed along the south-side of the Katy Trail in Rocheport from Pike Street to Moniteau Street. The mayor said this was only a precautionary action because it was the only time Boone County workers had time to install a barrier if it would be needed. He said people shouldn't be overly worried about Rocheport flooding.

"Realistically, the town is open and it will be open the entire time," said Zondca. "I just want to make sure people understand that there is no reason not to come."