Rocheport Woman Busted for Meth Possession in Front of Daughters

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CENTRALIA - Chief of police Larry Dudgeon could barely find the words to describe his reaction to finding Michelle Poe's two young daughters in the car when Centralia police arrested her for methamphetamine possession and other charges Sunday.

When asked if he was surprised to see the six-month-old and one-year-old in the back seat, he replied, "Most. You could not see those car seats in the backseat of that little car. No idea. No idea."

Police expect Poe will be charged with distribution of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, child endangerment, and transporting a controlled substance with minors. All four charges are felonies.

Dudgeon said he and primary officer Sgt. Joe Bellamy took the two children back to the police station where they and other members of the police force cleaned them up, fed them, and gave them a change of clothes and some toys to play with. An aunt then came later to take the children into custody.

Dudgeon said the family of Poe and the little girls appeared to have no knowledge of Poe's dealings when they picked up the children.

"I'd say 'surprised' is a fair statement," said Dudgeon.