Rock Bridge Girls Basketball Captain: Matt Kelly

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COLUMBIA -- Matt Kelly is no stranger when in comes to managing girls basketball. Kelly is the younger sibling of a former Rock Bridge High School manager. However, being a legacy is not what drove him to this job.

"I know [the girls] very well and I don't know I just love watching them play and I decided to manage them sophomore year and here I am senior year."

Outside of managing girls basketball, some might know Kelly as a soccer player or the Rock Bridge High School senior class president.

"I don't really have much down time, but that's the kind of guy I am. I always like to be going, and sleep, I do love sleep but I only get a little bit of it so."

Which is surprising because he is one of the most energetic fans in the crowd. He can always be found leading the "Bru Crew" student spirit section leading their roller coaster cheer. Sometimes, he questions what other people may be thinking of him.

"I don't think people really know what to do when they see me walk in with the crazy outfit, but everyone knows I'm a little crazy and kind of a moron but, you know it's how I am and I don't know I just love getting people excited."

"He's not afraid to go out and embarrass himself, really," senior guard Lindsey Cunningham said. "Not that the roller coaster is embarrassing but he will do anything and everything to get the crowd going."

Matt will be trading in his Rock Bridge green and gold for Baylor green and gold next year in Waco, Texas.