Rock Bridge, Hickman High Schools test new security system

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COLUMBIA - Rock Bridge High School and Hickman High School launched a new security system Tuesday on the first day of school for Columbia Public Schools. The two Columbia high schools are the last two in the district to get the upgraded security.

The new buzz-in system allows visitors and students to press a button outside the doors of the school and speak to a school representative.

Front office staff can see who is outside the door before allowing a person to come inside. 

Rock Bridge High School Principal Jennifer Rukstad said it's good to know who comes inside the schools.

"Times have changed a little bit and we just need to be more aware of who is entering and exiting our building. So the buzz-in system offers a way for at least everyone that enters the building and those people are instructed to come to the main office. So it's important to know who's in our building."

Columbia Public Schools said it decided to place the systems about two years ago to increase school safety. To enhance the system, the school said it is considering creating access cards and codes for students to enter the building with more ease. 

All elementary, middle and high schools now have the system in place.