Rock Bridge Prepares for providence Bowl Battle

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COLUMBIA - Rock Bridge's senior class knows, for this week at least, their team is the hunted.

"They're definitely gunning for us. They haven't beat us in a couple years so they want to get that win back, but we're definitely not going to let them," said Austin Ray.

If you follow football in Columbia, you'll remember the team's dramatic 24-20 win, but an important player is getting his first taste as a key player in this rivalry.

"It's not something that I'm like down about. It's an opportunity to get to start and get to play in this big game. So it's a good thing if anything," said Bo Bell.

Leaders like Ray aren't concerned about new starters playing in such an intense atmosphere."Our motto is every game is just a game," said Ray. "It's not big it's not small it's all the same. What surrounds if differentiates, but it's all the same. It's still 100 yards and still 11 opponents on the team it doesn't change."

"I bet you half the town has no idea who we're playing the second game of the season," Bell said, "but they definitely care about this one."