Rock Bridge Students Bring Classroom Outside

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CAMDEN COUNTY - Rock Bridge High School honors biology students kicked off a pilot program at the Lake of the Ozarks State Park this week. The goal for the students was to take a hands-on approach to learning science.

Honors biology teacher April Sulze said applying science in the real world enriches the ability for students to learn different concepts.

"Any time time kids can be doing science it is so much better for them. You can read something out of a book, but it's so different if you actually get to experience it on your own," Sulze said.

About 130 kids went on the two day trip. Some of the topics the students learned about included Missouri geology, water quality, prehistoric Missouri, and the effects of humans on the environment.

High school sophomore Sarah Freyermuth's favorite part of the trip was also getting the chance to go to Ha Ha Tonka State Park. Freyermuth remembered going to this park as a child, and it is the park's architecture that captures her admiration.

"It is just so beautiful. And it is really cool just to see all of the the history behind it," Freyermuth said.

She said this type of experience is meaningful because of its hands-on nature.

"When you are learning everything by just looking at pictures and having your teacher give you notes you don't really feel what it's actually about. But when you are actually out hands on, seeing it in the real world it kind of clicks with your mind so much better," Freyermuth said.

The trip cost about $4,500 in total. It was funded by four different grants and the district's science department budget.

Sulze said she hopes to continue making the trip in years to come.