Rock Quarry Road Waits For Reconstruction

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COLUMBIA - After a car hit two women walking on Rock Quarry Road, Columbia Police said Wednesday that have stepped up patrols along the road. The police department believes the increase in residential areas like The Grove and The Point and Columbia's population growth in general have increased the traffic flow down this road. They believe this increase of traffic is the reason for an increase number of accidents and speeding tickets. Police said in the past year there had been 85 accidents on rock Quarry, more than police said they want to see on any single stretch.

While some believe the road needs to be rebuilt, the city does not have money in the budget for the project. Rock Quarry is number 20 on a list of 6 - 10 years projects. This means that the reconstruction of Rock Quarry would not start until at least 2017.

Until then police officials said they will continue to patrol the area and work on at least trying to get more speed limit signs posted.