Ron Paul Supporters Gather in Columbia

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COLUMBIA- About twenty five supporters gathered at Harpos Tuesday night to support Ron Paul. Paul finished third in Missouri's Republican non-binding primary on Tuesday with a little more than twelve percent of the vote. Rick Santorum won with more than fifty five percent of the vote.

One Paul supporter described wanting to "return to the consitution" which would go along with Paul's campaign motto of "Restore America Now." One supporter said he think America could become "a socialist country soon," if Paul isn't elected.

Jim Chappelow is a Graduate Student at MU who attented the watch party. He said when he is not busy with his studies he works on Paul's campaign.

"The Ron Paul revolution didn't start with this primary and it won't end with this primary.," Chappelow said.

Paul's campaign has not returned calls seeking whether or not he will ever come to Mid-Missourio. Missouri's GOP nomination will come from a caucus on March 17.