Roots N Blues N BBQ setup finishes today

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COLUMBIA - Trucks beep as they back up, crews move around the park bringing pieces of the stage with them and tents start to rise, all part of the final preparation for the Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival. 

Set-up for the festival started on Tuesday and concludes on Thursday. 

Port-a-potties are lined up waiting for the crowds to show. Decorations have also started to appear around the site. 

One park user says seeing it all come together, excited him for the festival. 

"Uh, looks interesting. I can't wait to go this weekend and see what it's like," said Jeremy Strabala. 

He said the noises added something else to his evening stroll. 

"Uh yeah I'm usually not used to banging and clanging when I'm going for a walk but I mean hopefully it's worth it," said Strabala. 

Another park goer added it changed up the normal environment he was used to at the park. 

Gates wrapping around the west side of the park will close on Friday and only those with a ticket will be allowed in. 

The festival will start at 4 p.m. on Friday at Stephens Lake Park and will last through the weekend.