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COLUMBIA- The 10th annual Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival kicked off Friday and festival coordinators have been working to make the event more environmentally sustainable. 

Assistant Festival Director Hilton Peeples said every year volunteers push for more sustainability efforts. This year she hopes to have the least amount of trash of any Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival. 

Tim McCarty, the volunteer coordinator, said he is proud of the 'Green Team,' a group of volunteers who he said takes care of all things recycling. They guide festival goers toward recycling bins and water stations and will make sure only waste goes in the waste baskets.

A 'smoking garden' is a designated spot for smokers will keep cigarette butts off the ground.

Vendors who use oil to fry food said they are excited about an oil recycling system. McCarty said all of the vendors are urged to use compostable plates and utensils too.

A free water station was in place so that plastic water bottles would not cause excess waste. Coordinators urged festival goers to bring their own reusable water bottles and cups.