Roots N Blues Sustainability

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COLUMBIA - Organizers at the Roots N Blues are continuing to implement a variety of ways to keep the festival grounds at high quality.

At this year's festival, there are a multitude of ways that festival organziers are using to keep sustainability high.

Some options this year include a bike station for people to park their bikes, so they don't have to drive to the festival, an area for festival goers to dispose of their cigarettes, food trucks that recycle all of their waste and grease and a group of green team members who go around and pick up trash.

Sustainability coordinator Jordyn Szwargulski says having the festival at Stephens Lake Park two years in a row has helped with the effectiveness of the process.

"We've become a lot more effective. We've noticed different areas last year, different sections of the park that we knew was going to be heavy traffic and heavy trash so we've increased areas over there where we make sure that we have people picking up," she said.

Coordinators said that they are confident about increasing the effectivness and efficiency of trash clean up and overall sustainability as they continue to become more familiar with Stephens Lake Park.