Roots N Blues wraps up in the mud

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COLUMBIA - Roots N' Blues N' BBQ ended on Sunday night after heavy rain canceled the music festival on Saturday night at Stephens Lake Park.

People, who attended the festival Sunday saw better weather, but still dealt with the mud leftover from the rain.

Festival staff said a dump truck needed to be towed away after getting stuck in the mud and staff covered muddy areas with straw. Staff also said parking assignments for vendors changed because parts we're muddy. 

Cole Jost, who said he decided to wear closed shoes because he saw so much mud, had a more optimistic view of the weather. 

"You sit in a chair and the ground sinks in a little more," he said. "But that just helps you relax a little more."

Miranda Reese, who attended the festival, said the mud is not slowing her down.

"Your going to get a little bit of dirt on your shoes but you can just wipe it off at the end of the day."