Route F in Callaway County sees four crashes in one week

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CALLAWAY COUNTY – Four vehicle crashes have occurred this week along State Road F west of Fulton in Callaway County. May has seen a total of five along that road.

These numbers are unusual, said Sgt. Scott White of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. 

“It’s definitely an anomaly. Right now the contributing circumstances for each of those crashes is under investigation, but we can confirm that none of them are related,” White said.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol online crash reports show the accidents were located along different parts of road.

The series of crashes are still under investigation so it is hard for officials to say if the trend will be a reccurring problem or if something needs to be changed.

Susan Summers-Harmon, the Traffic Operations Engineer at MODOT, said the crashes do warrant a closer look.

“You know, we realize that if we try to chase specific locations, that one location may have several accidents at a time and it will move to another spot because there is somewhat of a randomness to it. So that’s why we use system-wide safety measures,” Summers-Harmon said. “We’ll definitely take a closer look at it just to make sure there’s something we aren’t missing.”

One woman who lives along State Road F said the Missouri State Highway Patrol is doing a good job monitoring the area with all of the recent crashes. 

Once investigations with the crashes are over, Summers-Harmon said MODOT traffic engineers can take a look at the reports and spot trends, if any. 

Until then, "Watch for the other driver who might not be watching for you," Summers-Harmon said. 

The crashes this week left a total of eight people with injuries ranging from minor to serious. All crashes are still currently under investigation.