Royal Wedding

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FULTON - Most of mid- Missouri was still asleep at 5 a.m. this morning when Prince William and now-princess Kate Middleton tied the knot.  As people celebrated all the way across the Atlantic, the Fulton Churchill Museum and Friends were preparing for their own celebration today.  For those who missed the wedding, it was an opportunity to watch the ceremony for the first time, and for others it was an opportunity to watch it again. 

"I was up at 3 o'clock this morning watching it, and I was watching it all day until I came here," said guest Jordena Travis. 

Executive Director of the museum Rob Havers said he was surprised by the turnout.  "It's very interesting the amount of excitement and interest on this side of the Atlantic for this wedding," said Havers.  The mid-Missouri Friends of the National Churchill Museum threw the royal wedding celebration.  The event started with a church ceremony and the North Callaway High School Choir sang as colorful hats filled the church.

The church service was followed by hors d'oeuvres, cake, champagne and of course, a showing of the royal wedding ceremony.  People gathered around the T.V. as the royal couple said their "I do's".  Everyone signed a guestbook as they arrived and in about a few weeks, that book will arrive at Buckingham Palace, along with a letter addressed to William and Kate and a William Churchill National Museum cookbook- the museum's gift to the royal couple.  Havers said he hopes the gift might spark the couple to visit the museum.

Just as wedding-goers celebrated in England, hats of all sorts filled the rooms.  Some women made their hats, some bought them and some wore hats handed down for generations.  A carriage ride was an appropriate fit to complete the night of this royal celebration.