Royals' blue fountains a tonic for gray skies

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KANSAS CITY - There were no blue skies Tuesday because of rain, but Kansas City had enough Royal Blue to make up for it. 

Several fountains around the city have been dyed blue to show spirit for the Kansas City Royals, who faced the New York Mets in Game 1 of the World Series Tuesday. 

A maintenance mechanic for Kansas City in the parks and rec department said the city has been dyeing about five of the city's 48 fountains for two months. 

The mechanic said the JC Nichols Memorial Fountain on the corner of JC Nichols Parkway and West 47th Street took six gallons to turn blue and requires one gallon a day to stay blue. 

He said people have been buying the dye and putting it in other fountains and even ponds around the area. The dye is not toxic. 

Martee Robinson said she drove all the way from Springfield Tuesday to watch Game 1 at Kansas City Power and Light. 

She said she's already taken her picture at the fountains and enjoys seeing the Royals spirit around town. 

"There's balloons out, and everybody's wearing blue, and it's just fun to be around those people," Robinson said. 

She said even the rain can't put a damper on her spirit. 

"Oh my gosh, I bleed blue, so I've got to be out here," Robinson said. "It's fun and being around people that are all excited about baseball, had to do it."

Robinson also said she was lucky enough to get tickets to watch Game 2 at Kauffman stadium. 

The dyed fountains and other Kansas City Royals pride can be seen throughout the Country Club Plaza and at Crown Center.