Royals fans show how patience, loyalty can pay off

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JEFFERSON CITY - Twenty-nine years of patience paid off for Kansas City Royals fans. The Royals not only made it to the World Series, but the team has also showed it can compete with the San Francisco Giants.

Patience especially paid off for one of Mid-Missouri's biggest Royals' fan Don Boes, a Royals season ticket holder.

Boes has attended all of the playoff games this year and was also at game one and two of the World Series, but this wasn't the first time he has witnessed Royals' history.

"The first year I had season tickets was in 1985," Boes said. "That was a great year to have tickets obviously."

The company Boes worked for had season tickets to Royals games.

"I always told the president's secretary if I ever had a chance to get those tickets - if they ever gave them up - I wanted them," Boes said.

The company did give them up in 1984. The tickets were rolled into his name, and he saw the entire Royals winning season in 1985 from Kauffman Stadium.

He was at five 1985 World Series games - four in Kansas City and one in St. Louis.

"Winning the World Series in 1985, nothing can top that," Boes said.

However, Boes wasn't always cheering for the boys in blue.

"I went to games on both sides of the state," Boes said. "I was primarily a Cardinals fan."

It took one Royals superstar to change his mind: George Brett.

"I mean he was the premiere player and obviously a hall of famer," Boes said.

Boes has an entire shelf in his basement dedicated to George Brett. He has met Brett numerous times and has autographed magazines, baseballs, and jerseys.

The shelves in his basement don't stop with collectibles of Brett. Boes also has four other shelves. Three are filled with bobble heads, hats, and other knickknacks he has collected over the years. The other is full of memorabilia from the 2012 All-Star Game in Kansas City.

"I don't know where I have room to put another rack, but I know I'll be getting more stuff from this season to fill one," Boes said.

Boes also has two cars. One of them is even Royal blue, and Boes said it was intentional. Both cars have 1985 Kansas City license plates.

Because it has been 29 years since the team has last seen this kind of success, his 23 year old son was not there to experience the 1985 World Series magic. 

"Being able to experience this with my son is has really just made this World Series complete," Boes said. 

It seems the only thing Don Boes is missing is a 2014 Kansas City Royals World Series title. Boes and his son Dan will be back in Kansas City for games six and seven, if they happen, in hopes to see the Royals take the crown.