Runner Feeds Others Racing in Business Suit

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COLUMBIA - Steven Mankofky's Monday started off normal for your average student serious about business.


He put on his beige slacks, then a simple white shirt, blue and orange bow tie and a beige suit jacket to complete the outfit.

Then he put on his shoes.

It was at this point the normalcy of Mankofsky's Monday morning ended. After all, grey and green running shoes do not match the likes of his suit.

That's because Mankofsky didn't have any business meetings. He didn't have any appointments. And he sure didn't have any classes on his Labor Day holiday.

Mankofsky had a race. To be more specific, he had a date with the Heart of America Marathon which many consider the hardest non-mountainous marathon course in America.

And he would run all 26.2 miles in a full business suit.

"It's just a challenge. I'm interested in doing challenges and I think I could get a good story out of this so it's something to talk about. It's a good way to raise money for a good organization," Mankofsky said.

Mankofsky looked to use his Monday to break a world record: the fastest marathon while donning a full suit. In the process, he looked to raise money for the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri.

The runner pledged to match all donations to the food bank as part of his potential record-setting adventure. By the end of race day, Mankofsky did not have a world record. Running a marathon in three hours, 24 minute, and 46 seconds in the humid Missouri heat proved to be too difficult for Mankofsky.

But he said the race was more about raising money than setting a world record.

In his efforts, the runner raised $3,160 in donations with the food bank. That's enough for more than 47,000 meals.

"Steven is in a race. And the food bank is in a race to feed families who are hungry," John Wampley, regional coordinator for the food bank, said.

Mankofsky wanted to raise money and awareness for the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri.

World record or not, he did.

"What I'm doing is not done yet.I'd like to continue to raise funds and hopefully this generates more interest and more people donating to the food bank," Mankofsky said.

He said he will continue to match donations until Sept. 17 to the food bank. To donate, send a check to the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri at 2101 Vandiver Drive in Columbia with the memo line "HOA 2012" or go on the food bank's website and use a credit card.