Runners wear jingle bells to fight Arthritis

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COLUMBIA - The Missouri Arthritis Foundation in Missouri is set to raise $40,000.
Since August, supporters have signed up to run in the annual Jingle Bell run in December. 500 runners came out to Stephens College on Saturday to run the 5K in below freezing temperatures. Some participants ran on a team to support a specific family or friend, while others were there to support the foundation as a whole.
New Executive Director Cheri Fitts said, "Many of the teams usually have a loved one, a family or friend that they’re running for. Some even have a sticker on them that say who they’re running for and they’re very passionate about finding a cure someday for Arthritis.”
Fitts said the foundation found Arthritis affects one out of every five people in America and is the number one cause of disability in the United States.
Runners were encouraged to deck out in Christmas spirit and especially jingle bells to show their support. Fitts shared why this run is more than dressing up.
"We want to not only fund research to help find a cure, hope for a cure, for those suffering from arthritis right now but then we want to support the services that we provide to people that have arthritis and help with those challenges that they have every day right now as well,” Fitts said.
To help the Arthritis Foundation reach their $40,000 goal, visit their website