Rural Post Offices Stay, But Cuts on the Rise

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FLORENCE - The United States Postal Service announced Wednesday that rural post offices are here to stay. Post Master General and CEO, Patrick Donahoe, said this news stemmed from a recent conclusion.

"A lot of us in this city, you get mail delivered to your house. If you're in a rural area, you have to drive to the post office to get your mail, so what they said was keep it open, we understand you might have to have shorter hours," said Donahoe.

This was good news for Don Ahan, a Florence resident.

"I've dealt with the post office all my life, I was in business all by myself for years and years. My business was operated by the post office. I collected my money that way...I did it all," said Ahan.

The hours have been shortened, but the rural communities will still have their post offices. More than 13,000 rural post offices will face these cuts.