Russellville Residents Upset Over High Water Bills

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RUSSELLVILLE - Residents are upset with the how much they have to pay for the water bills.

Jefferson City residents pay $6.09 for every 1000, gallons while Russellville residents pay $27.60.

The town increased its water rate charges two years ago but residents say the rate increase does not reflect in the water quality.

Debbis Hartman, a resident in Russellville said occassionally she'll get brown water, and sometimes even rust colored water.

Hartman said the water has stayed that way from three days to a week.

She said she makes a conscious effort to cut down on her water use.

"I will run my kids bathwater instead of giving them showers, I do laundry less often, and we don't have a pool in the summer for the kids out here in our yard, because the water would be too much."

Mayor Ritchie Jenkins said the rate increase was necessary to qualify the town for a loan that allows the city to improve the water quality.

Jenkins said Russellville needed about $500,000 to upgrade the water quality. The city has repainted the water tower at a cost of $80,000.

NOTE: The graphic in the package indicate rate continues as $5.60 for each additional 1000 gallons of water in Russellville, and $2.40 for each 1000 gallons of water in Jefferson City.