Ryan Ferguson answers questions on social media site Reddit

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COLUMBIA - Ryan Ferguson posted an "Ask Me Anything" on the social media site, Reddit, discussing various topics including his time spent in prison, coming back to Columbia and his new book. 

Ferguson was originally convicted in 2005 of second-degree murder in the strangulation death of Columbia Tribune Sports Editor Kent Heitholt. The case was vacated and he was released from prison in November 2013 after serving eight years.

One person wrote, "Your positive attitude despite your wrongful conviction is inspiring and almost baffling. How do you cope with how unfair and wrong and wrong it was?" Ferguson responded, "I choose to ask WHY. Not "why me". This shifts the focus off self and onto the bigger picture which is always more important. The bigger picture here... We need accountability for police and prosecutors across our nation! Until then, this could happen to anyone. ANYONE!"

When asked about his feelings on Columbia, he wrote, "I love the people of Columbia, just not those who have chosen to pervert justice. They will be held accountable though and when that happens, I'll be going back. Great place!"

Ferguson's dad, Bill Ferguson, said he thought his son answering questions on Reddit was a great idea.

"I thought it would be a great way to connect connect even more-so with the public and to promote his books and future books," Bill Ferguson said.

Ryan Ferguson also answered questions about his book in which he talks about surviving prison and creating a fit body.

Ferguson's case was vacated in November 2013 after a judge ruled the prosecution failed to disclose favorable evidence to the defense. A civil lawsuit is currently pending against the city of Columbia from the Ferguson family.