Sacred Heart Parish Turns 175

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OSAGE COUNTY - The Sacred Heart Parish celebrated its 175th Anniversary today with a full day of activities.

For people like Paul Bexen, who's belonged to the church for 77 years, it's a wonderful thing, but also a reminder that, "Means I'm getting old" Bexten said.

The church brought in vendors and volunteers to make the celebration more manageable. "It's like they call Osage County God's Country. We got fresh air, fresh water, good people, and you really do feel like that. You've got fresh air, fresh water, good people, and they all come together for a cause like this and just pitch in and it's like one big happy family."

The Church even found room to celebrate Memorial Day by including a ten minute tribute to service men and women who have dedicated their lives. "The guys in World War II saved our ass, and there in the cementaries now you don't want them to be forgotten, and that's what the Memorial Service is about" Roy Plassmeyer said. Plassmeyer was part of the American Legion who fired off three rounds of shots in remembrance of the fallen soldiers.

The church celebrates the anniversary of their founding every 25 years and has done this ever since the place turned 100.