Safety Improvements Begin at Route 124 and U Intersection

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HALLSVILLE - Safety improvements began Wednesday at the intersection of Route 124 and U in Hallsville. Several changes are being made to reduce the number of accidents in the intersection and to help make drivers more aware as they approach the area.

One improvement is the speed limit will drop from 55 miles per hour to 45 miles per hour. The lower speed limit will extend from 3,300 feet east of Route U to 1,350 west of Route U. Crews started changing road signs Wednesday to reflect the change. Other signs were replaced as well, including two stop signs at the intersection. New signs are larger to help catch drivers' attention as they drive through the area.

Senior Traffic Studies Specialist John Schaefer said the city received comments from residents at a public meeting held March 26.  

"We worked with the city and the responses we got from residents, so we came up with the larger stop signs, the lower speed limits, clearing some of the sight distance around the intersection," he said.

Some residents also discussed how they observed many accidents in the dangerous intersection. Tom Odom lives a nearby neighborhood in Hallsville. In the last eight years, he has heard or seen about a dozen accidents.

According to Schaefer's records, there were 20 reported crashes between 2007 to 2011 at the intersection of Route 124 and U. That makes an average of four accidents a year.