Safety Tips For The Lake This Memorial Day

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LAKE OZARK - The Missouri State Highway Patrol offered tips for people who plan to take their boats out on Monday for Memorial Day.

According the Missouri State Highway Patrol's website, there were three boating incidents on the Lake of the Ozarks from Saturday to Sunday of the holiday weekend involving seven people. Approximately 500 people down each year nationwide in recreational boating accidents every year, according to results released from the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol said, in addition to wearing a life jacket, boaters should not drink while boating. It recommends boaters know the Missouri boating laws before heading out on the water.

Also, make sure your boat is prepared and get it inspected before you go out on the water. It recommends checking out the weather forecast to know what to prepare for on the water. It also says you should tell someone on shore your plans. It says you should tell them a time to expect you to be back on shore.