Safety video teaches proper response to active shooter situation

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COLUMBIA - University of Missouri safety officials filmed a safety training video Thursday throughout the campus aimed at preparing students for a worst-case scenario. 

“The video will help educate individuals on how to respond in the unlikely event an individual commits violent acts on campus,” an MU News Bureau news release said. 

MU urged the public not to be alarmed by fake weapons or potential screaming and said it's actors adding authenticity to their performance. MU News Bureau Associate Director Christian Basi said safety is the number one priority on MU's campus and hopes this video will help promote that. 

"The video is specifically going to be helping folks understand the certain actions and decisions," Basi said. 

Filming is taking place over break because it will create less of a disruption in current low-traffic areas. Bradford Barnett, a junior mechanical engineering student at MU, acted in the video. 

“I thought it was really important because mass shootings have become a prevalent thing in our society today," Barnett said. "It’s really important that our students are prepared and know what to do in the case that tragedy might happen here at Mizzou." 

Bradford said it's been a fun experience to participate in the filming, but overall the cast wants to emphasize the seriousness of the video's message. 

“It’s been good to try to show the fear that one might experience during that entire process but also like the calm, cool and collectiveness that you need to maintain to get out safely," Bradford said. 

MUPD offers a course called Citizens Response to Active Threats that also educates individuals on proper response when faced with violent acts. However, the amount of people able to enroll is limited. Basi said he hopes this training video can help further spread safety awareness.

“By filming this video we’ll be able to reach a much broader and wider audience," Basi said. "We will still offer the course because it is valuable, but this video is an opportunity to reach a lot more people." 

If a real emergency was to happen during the filming of the video, MU said the public will be alerted by campus notification systems.