Sales Tax Increase Proposed to Help Boone County Offices

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COLUMBIA - Two Boone County offices could see improvements, but the funding will cost consumers at the register. 

The Boone County Commission approved a three-eighth cent sales tax that will be placed on the April ballot for voters to decide on. The 911/emergency tax revenue would fund improvements to the Boone County Joint Communication Commission and Emergency Management offices. 

Officials say the money would go toward up-to-date technology and the building of a new facility north of Columbia. R.D. Porter, who was on the committee that suggested the tax, said without the money, Boone County will not be able to keep up with improving technology. 

"In their current enviornment it would be extremely difficult to migrate to the new technology," Porter said. 

Porter said that the money will make service quicker and less expensive by increasing organization and efficiency.

However, not all Boone County residents are fully in favor of more taxes. 

"I'm not really in favor of any more taxes...I probably would say that I'm undecided right now," said Columbia resident Elizabeth Ricks. 

Porter said he believes a sales tax increase is the best way to fund it. 

"When looking at all the results, it is very apparent that a county-wide sales tax is the best system that could be put into place," Porter said.

Joint Communications Commissioner Joseph Piper said undecided voters are welcome to schedule a tour of the current office.