Salisbury Coach Knows Two Players Very Well

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SALISBURY - Coach Wyatt's twin boys play on his state hopeful Salisbury Panthers team.

The Salisbury boys basketball team is good.

How good?

Try really good.

The panthers head coach can thank part of his success to two of his players: his twin boys.

"That's Zach. That's Austin. So Zach, Zach, Austin, Austin," coach Kenny Wyatt said.

Looking back at pictures, head Coach Kenny Wyatt struggles to tell his boys apart.

"In pictures, looking back at pictures, sometimes you have trouble, but in real life, I haven't had any trouble," Wyatt explained.

It's a story that goes back nine years to when the twins started watching Dad coach from the sidelines.

The Wyatt twins have sat on this bench ever since they were in first grade, and now as sophomores in high school, the two are living out the dreams they had as children.

As children, Zach and Austin saw their Dad get mad at other players.

Now, Dad gets mad at them.

"When we turn over the ball, he screams and yells at me a lot," Zach Wyatt said.

"I try to treat them just like any other player, and then we try not to take it home," Kenny Wyatt said.

Talking about the sport, though, is hard for the boys to avoid- especially when they can give each other feedback.

"I try to...Yell at him when he does stuff wrong, try to fix him because it's kind of like I'm out there playing," Zach Wyatt said.

Kenny hopes the whole team will give each other more positive feedback---as the Panthers go for their first state title in school history.

Zach suffered a broken hand in the team's game against Fayette February 11th.

He hopes to be back if the team advances in the state playoffs.