Salisbury residents concerned about sex offenders near school

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SALISBURY - Residents met Monday to voice their opinions about two registered sex offenders who recently moved to town.

Carlos and Billy Johnson were arrested Aug. 18 for living 400 feet from Salisbury High School. According to Missouri state law, registered sex offenders must live at least 1,000 feet from public schools.

The arrest came three weeks after neighbors were notified the two men had moved next door.

Cassie Lybarger lives nearby and said she was concerned when they were notified but weren't immediately arrested.

She said the men and the others living in the home threatened her after she contacted the prosecuting attorney, and eventually she and her family moved out of their home because of safety concerns.

"It makes me nervous to go back knowing that they've threatened to hurt me, to hurt my family," Lybarger said.

Chariton County's prosecuting attorney said obtaining an arrest warrant in these cases can take longer than expected.

Lybarger said she wants to know why there aren't methods in place to allow for quicker arrests.

"I know we're a small community, but the laws are in place, but we don't have laws to enforce the laws. Our city just doesn't have the power to do it," Lybarger said.

Lybarger and her family have yet to move back into their home.

The attorney for the Johnsons did not respond to calls asking for comment.

The men are scheduled to appear in court Tuesday for their arraignment.