Salute to Veterans Corporation Airshow Resumes After Rain Delay

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COLUMBIA - It was a rainy Saturday morning in Columbia. The Salute to Veterans Corporation Air Show was delayed due to the rainy conditions. Those conditions improved and the activities began. Planes from the World War II era and World War I were on display. Kids and adults alike were exploring the planes.

"I'd like to get inside some of the aircraft and see what they're like inside, experience that," Mark West said.

Besides planes being on display, it was a celebration of veterans. Bagpipes were played and veterans were honored.

"Just seeing all the people, the veterans that have done so much for our country, because I'm a veteran also and I appreciate all the veterans we have," David O. Thomas said.

The Kansas City Dawn Patrol planes from World War I flew and did tricks in the air. Some came a long way to see the old planes.

Neal Caldwell said, "We're down from St. Louis and a few years back they had an air show out at Creve Coeur Airport and it was all World War I fighters, you don't see those groups flying around like they do."

The airshow continues on Sunday starting at 9:30 a.m. The Salute to Veterans Parade will be held on Memorial Day in downtown Columbia at 9:55 a.m.