Salvation Army Heat Shelter Drawing Area Homeless

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COLUMBIA - The Salvation Army Harbor House reported being at about 80 percent capacity Wednesday as area homeless arrive to escape the heat.

People staying here are able to get food and have a bed to sleep and take a shower. They can also get various life skill classes and job search help programs.

Major K. Kendall Mathews, the regional coordinator for Salvation Army Columbia, said the shelter has 79 percent of the capacity filed now, which has increased 15 percent compared with last year.

"We are seeing more people this summer because of the heat. And our goal is to make sure that we house people during this heat, and we give them the necessary things they need to stay in their life. It's basic necessity. Food shelter and clothes. That's our objective. "

Anthony Thorn came to the house last week. He has been homeless for three years. He said he is so thankful and grateful for everything he gets from the program.

"It's wonderful. Instead of staying out of there and wondering what's next, we can go in and find something to do." Thorn said.

The shelter reports there are still some beds available for people in need.