Salvation Army hosts new program to help Missourians budget

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COLUMBIA - Poverty is an increasing problem in Missouri and today residents can learn a few tips to help stay on their feet.

The Salvation Army will host a Budgeting Workshop in partnership with Landmark Bank at 10 a.m. Tuesday. This workshop is called "Need More Money?" and is the first budgeting workshop open to the public.

At the event a representative from Landmark Bank will teach the public how to stretch their money. This program is another way The Salvation Army helps the community, in addition to providing emergency shelter to homeless people.

Major Beth Trimmell, the Director of Special Services, said this workshop is designed to provide hope and help bring success for people who may be struggling with money.

"A lot of folks who come see us have a really limited income and we are hoping to help them make a stretch and go further and improve quality of their lives," Trimmell said.

Trimmell said she remembers working with a family who did not know how to efficiently budget their money and kept getting evicted from their house.

"They didn't know that life could be better they just needed a little bit of help. For the first time, they saw a glimmer of hope that they can make it and we want to reach out to other folks like that," Trimmell said.

Missouri ranks 28 in the country for high poverty rates. More than 900,000 Missourians are currently living in poverty according to this report.

Trimmell said people living below the poverty line have a serious need and The Salvation Army is here to help.

Anyone who attends the workshop will receive a household item gift. Some of the gifts include items like new bedspreads and foot massagers.

Trimmell said if this workshop is beneficial the Salvation Army hopes to plan another one about cooking on a budget.