Salvation Army Propane

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COLUMBIA - Amid a nationwide propane shortage, the Salvation Army is offering assistance to Missourians with low incomes this week. 

The Salvation Army's Midland division, headquartered in St. Louis, approved grants for all its Missouri branches.  The Salvation Army has branches in Columbia, Jefferson City and Sedalia.

Representative Cyndy Chapman said nobody has taken advantage of the organization's offer. 

"We're not really sure why people aren't calling, but the Salvation Army is here and ready to help," Chapman said.  "We invite anyone who has a very low income to give us a call."

One possible reason for the lack of people applying for assistance is the criteria set by the organization. 

In order to qualify for assistance, customers must prove their propane take is less than 20 percent full.  They must also be at or below certain income levels.