Salvation Army Red Kettles taken over for day by Cole County Club

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JEFFERSON CITY - One Cole County club has taken over the Salvation Army Red Kettles Friday in an effort to give back to the city.

The Lions Club has done this for the last eleven years with 147 members volunteering their time last year. 

“They might have individuals that take just for an hour, or couple hours maybe, a few different places, but no matter what the ability of their Lion to ring, even if they just do one or two hours at one spot, it all adds up and makes a huge difference,” Lt. Christopher White said.

Lion's day raises almost three times the normal amount of money on a normal bell-ringing day.

“The money that they raise on Lion’s day goes towards the Red Kettle Campaign goal. This year is $270,000, and that money not only helps provide Christmas assistance, so we have over 150 families signed up to receive toys and gifts,” White said.

Last year Lion's day brought in about $15,000 for the Salvation Army.

White said the goal this year is for $16,000 to be raised and for that money to benefit the Salvation Army year round.

“That money helps all our services year round. So our food pantry, our utility assistance. Keeps our 40 bed shelter open throughout the year so even though it’s raised on a single day, and that Christmas money is raised during the holidays, it goes to fund our operations every day,” White said.

One Lions Club member said he is happy the club does this every year.

“Very proud," Lions Club member Allen Herman said, "We have a lot of older members, but overall there’s a lot of us out here doing it and we’re proud to do it.”

White said the total Red Kettle Campaign has raised $160,000 of the $270,000 goal so far, but he is very thankful for all the donations given.