Sanctions imposed after Paddy Malone's employee fires weapon

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JEFFERSON CITY – A motion passed Monday morning to impose sanctions on Paddy Malone’s Irish Pub after an off-duty employee fired an antique rifle in April.

Allen Tatman, the employee, reportedly fired an antique rifle while under the influence. The rifle didn't have a projectile in the barrel, but did create sparks.

The Liquor Control Board came to an agreement after discussions with Molly Malone Enterprises, the owner of the bar.

The sanctions include a two-day suspension of the liquor license, which will occur on Aug. 4-5; a $500 fine to the city; and a stipulation that Tatman is not allowed on the property for two weeks, which will be verified by electronic monitoring.

Bryan Wolford, the associate city councilor for Jefferson City, said, “I think that hits them, and I think that deters any future behavior of this sorts from this establishment and for many other establishments.”

The stipulations come after the owners of the bar admitted the city code was violated.

“The employee in question is not a party to this liquor board hearing, so the admission was from the business itself that this board had factual basis to impose discipline,” Wolford said.

During the discussion, Fire Chief Matt Schofield advised against accepting the stipulation and instead supported imposing a ten day suspension of the bar's license.

“It would send a message to whether or not we want to go after an individual who is an employee or whether or not that it is the establishment’s responsibility to maintain order,” Schofield said.

Ultimately, the board passed the stipulation presented.

“The board has the discretion to impose any sort of sanction from a reprimand all the way up to a revocation of the liquor license, and we’ve seen it happen for all sorts of incidences in the past,” Wolford said.

The case against Tatman is still on going. It is illegal to fire any type of firearm while under the influence.