Sandy Hook Flooding 6/30/11

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SANDY HOOK - Residents continued to drive through several inches of Missouri River water over Missouri Highway 179  Thursday after MoDOT closed the road, making it the first major road in central Missouri to succumb to flooding. Water just under a foot deep caused MoDOT to close  the highway Wednesday night. MoDOT said the area is one of the first that sees flooding when the river hits around 26 to 26 1/2 feet in the Jefferson City area.  MoDOT supervisors said they have their eye on a few other areas over the next week, but don't expect them to be issues.

"One will be in Callaway County about 25 miles east of Jefferson City, or two miles west of Portland," said MoDOT's maintenance superintendent Mike Belt. "There's an area that will go under water there should the water overtops the levees at about 28 and a half or so feet. So we think we're going to be safe with that, but we'll monitor that over the weekend. And the second location will be in Osage County around the Chamois area on Highway 100."

The Missouri River is expected to crest around 28 feet in Jefferson City on Saturday and begin to recede.