Sara Walsh wins election

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ASHLAND -Republican Sara Walsh defeated Democrat Michela Skelton for a representative of the 50th District.

Walsh carried 53 percent of the vote. She thanked God, her family and supporters when she walked on stage after hearing the election results.

"I wish I could stay here all night to individually thank everyone here in this room," Walsh said. "Thank you all for lifting me up in your prayers."

At her victory rally in Ashland Tuesday, Walsh said she will work, not just on behalf of supporters, but for all the people in her district.

Walsh campaigned on on fewer business regulations, improvement in public safety, better education and less government interference in agriculture. She wants to work with businesses in the community and decrease regulation. 

"The experts in our communities are the people owning the businesses, are the people that are there creating the businesses that are creating jobs," Walsh said. “When there’s regulation after regulation, it all just becomes a stack of regulations that’s a burden on our farmers and the backs of our business owners and families.”

Hunter Thomas worked with the Walsh campaign and said the election night was a great night.

"I think tonight the voters of the 50th district have spoken. They're ready for a job creator and somebody who will support Missouri's family farms and small businesses," Thomas said.