Sarah Baumgartner

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COLUMBIA - With softball season around the corner, North Callaway has a new coach of its junior high team and she's a familiar face.

Sarah Baumgartner played softball at North Callaway. Now she's back as the new head coach of the junior high team. "I'm excited to be back at North Callaway like I said. I'm familiar with a lot of people who are still here and it's nice to be part of something I'm so familiar with. I consider this home. It's always good to be back home," said Baumgartner.

Baumgartner also played on the Mizzou softball team from 2003-2007. She will look to apply what she learned as a player into her coaching. "It's a little different from being a player. There's a different aspect of it, but I'm really excited," said Baumgartner. "I'm hoping that I can take some knowledge that I've learned in the past and give it to these young girls."

Lauren Elkin, the current head coach for North Callaway high school softball said, "Her biggest strenghts are going to be that aspect that she's played before, she knows you know all the way from little league onto high school. You know being at a D1 program at Mizzou. You're going to have different aspects, different perspectives."

Sarah played at North Callaway and Missouri as Sarah Stringer, before she married former North Callaway quarterback Jake Baumgartner.