Scale Modelers Competition Brings Builders Together

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COLUMBIA-- The Central Missouri Scale Modelers Club (CMSM) held a statewide competition Saturday bringing together scale model enthusiasts from throughout Missouri.

TigerCon 2012 was the second annual competition. For some members, scale model building is more than just a hobby.

"It's a little escape, it offers our club some creativity," CMSM President Brian Lloyd said. "Instead of focusing on work or family, you can sit and focus on a model and be creative with it."

Lloyd also noted the hobby isn't as popular as it used to be because of developing technology, but the CMSM Club is making an effort to get younger generations interested in scale modeling.

The competition consisted of 31 different categories ranging from aircrafts, to ships, to science fiction. 42 contestants submitted models, some for multiple categories. One prize was given for "People's Choice" and one for "Best of Show."

Every entry was judged by a panel of experts in the field for craftsmanship. Prizes were given for first, second and third place in every category.

"If you're looking at a model of person, for example, you have to make sure there' aren't any seems near the arm, near the shoulder," Lloyd said.

For more information about CMSM, visit their website.