Scammer targets Columbia hair salons

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COLUMBIA - A phony targeted Columbia hair salons this week in a charity scam. The man was posing as a member of Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) and some stylists said this was the second year in a row he has come around.

Stylists said he came into their salons with an envelope requesting donations that would go to support abused children and hungry foster kids. One lady who met the man said he told her it was "too late" to donate checks and he would only accept cash.

He called himself "Big John" but refused to give out a real name. He wore a black vest but didn't have any official BACA patches or significations. 

"Ratchet" is the founder and president of the BACA in mid-Missouri. He said BACA doesn't look for donations by going door to door like this, and it would be hard to miss a true member of the group. They all have official BACA patches on their vests. 

"Ratchet," "Goose," and "Rooster," are all very proud members of BACA and the work they do. They said they were "disgusted," and hope this man is tracked down.

They also mentioned BACA members in the Kansas City area had received calls reporting similar incidents farther west.

The Better Business Bureau advises waiting before donating to a charity you're unsure of. Don't be pressured into giving on the spot. Most charities have websites you can research too.