Scanlon Family Knows Key to Success on the Court

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MEXICO - The Mexico Bulldogs are undefeated, but just four years ago they won one game...all season. Now the Bulldogs coach shows that he has brought a winning history with him.

Brennen Scanlon and his dad Jim always have something to talk about when it comes to basketball.

Jim's coached since he was 25 years old, but he says his son sees things on the court he never would have thought about.

Brennen Scanlon is the head coach for the Mexico Bulldogs.

He recently collected his 100th career win, but forgive him if it didn't seem like a big deal.

"You win 600 games and you're in the hall of fame. That's a pretty good role model to try and follow," said Brennen Scanlon.

Brennen's talking about his dad Jim Scanlon, one of the winningest coaches in Missouri high school basketball history.

His coaching tree has a few limbs. Another son, Blair, is in his second season at Linn.

"The first thing I ask my wife is how'd Blair do? How did Brennen do? If we all win it's a good night. If one team loses it takes away from your win," said Jim Scanlon.

"Between Rock Bridge, Mexico, and Linn and all the teams they're scouting. Every night is basketball," said Jim's wife, Lori Scanlon.

When it comes to which game to watch, Lori admits she plays favorites.

"I enjoy watching the boys coach because I get to go and play with the grandkids," admitted Lori.

Jim is proud his boys are following his footsteps, even though he says he encouraged a different path.

"I tried to push them both away from it, but this is what Brennen wanted to do and Blair got involved with it," said Jim.

The game's not just in their minds. It's also in their blood.

"It's hard to go through this. Coaching is tough on you, but that's where they belong because they understand the game," explained Jim.

"Their mannerisms and characteristics. It's somewhat scary. It's really eery," said Lori.

"I hear it a lot. They say I coach just like him. That's not a bad thing," said Brennen.

Don't expect the teams to play for the Scanlon Cup. They'd rather keep their schedules family free.

"I don't ever really want to coach against him. My heart and soul is with him and when the Mexico Bulldogs aren't playing I'm watching and listening for Rock Bridge news," explained Brennen.

"I would never want to do that. It might happen sometime, but it wouldn't be fun for me if we lost and it wouldn't be fun for me if we won because I know how hard it hurts him," said Jim.

Scanlon coaches share more than just a last name. They also never take a play off.

"We coach every defensive and offensive possession and we don't let anything go by during the game where we can come back and say hey we should have done this," said Jim.

"I always wanted to be like my dad," recalled Brennen.

There is one more Scanlon coaching high school basketball in Missouri. Jim's brother Mark has K.C. O'Hara ranked number one in class three.

If you count all of the Scanlons' Missouri high school basketball coaching wins, the total is more than 12-hundred victories.