Schnucks opens new EatWell grocery store in Columbia

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COLUMBIA — EatWell, a new natural food store owned and operated by Schnucks opened in downtown Columbia on Wednesday.

The store, located in the old Lucky’s Market building at 111 S. Providence Road, will target a more health and wellness-minded consumer, similar to the typical Lucky’s customer.

“We’re going to continue to go after the Lucky’s customers that shopped here, and also a little bit beyond that, too” said Chuck Murphy, manager at the new EatWell store. “We’ve rebranded a lot of our items to meet that clean label requirement that the Lucky’s customer came to accept. But we also have a lot of our in-house items that we make here fresh every day.”

The store will offer a wide variety of gluten-free, vegan, and specialty items like freshly-made juices and in-house made sausages.

Additionally, EatWell is partnering with local businesses to feature different items in the store, such as Shakespeare’s pizza, and a coffee bar with Lakota Coffee and beer on tap from Logboat Brewery.

“The thing we’re most proud of is our relationships we’re building in the community with all our locally sourced items,” Murphy said.

Murphy also mentioned what new EatWell customers can expect upon their first trip to the store.

“They’re gonna notice right off the bat that we’ve spent a lot of time cleaning, something our organization puts a lot of time into. They’re also going to notice that we’re producing juices in-house that a traditional Schnucks customer would not see” 

The store is offering delivery services through Schnucks’ delivery service “SchnucksDelivers”, as well as Instacart, following the trend of the supermarket industry that is heavily investing in pick-up and delivery services amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customers that are at higher risk for COVID-19 that still wish to shop in store can shop during the first shopping hour each Wednesday, from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m., which will be reserved for seniors and those more susceptible to the virus.