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COLUMBIA - Students find ways to finance college as new information suggests parents are less likely to help than in past years.

According to a national survey by Sallie Mae, only half of parents said they would stretch to financially support their child through college, far fewer than just last year.

This comes amidst news from Missouri's Department of Higher Education saying this year academic scholarships will barely meet minimums under Missouri law.

Hickman Seniors Josh Hartigan and Jordan Hoffman are doing what they can to ensure they have a place to study next year - and the money to pay for it. Hartigan says he averages four hours a night studying for college exams and high school work while Hoffman balances schoolwork with part time pay to save up for her college dreams.

The national average cost for four years at a public university is about $30,000 compared to $100,000 for a private institution.  This year according to the Missouri Department of Education, about 60,000 students will get Access Missouri scholarships ranging from $300 to $2,000.